Gas Flare Monetisation

Capterio builds gas flaring solutions to capture and utilise waste gas in energy systems.

We partner with energy companies to deliver flare monetisation projects. We help to identify specific investable opportunities. We bring together assets, solutions and financing. And we provide the resources  to deliver on-the-ground abatement projects.

For each situation we create the ideal combination of financing, concept design, and technology. And we manage the project to ensure safe delivery to the highest standards.

Solution Design and Delivery

There are many potential solutions to capture lost revenue from gas flares. 

We design the right gas flaring solution for you.

We bring engineering expertise, oversee construction, and ensure skills transfer.

Some of the most common proven monetisation options include:

Reinjection. Utilise the gas directly, for example for enhanced oil recovery, storage or disposal.

Raw gas. Send the gas to the nearest gas export pipeline.

Power generation. Generate power for local and regional consumption.

Liquids. Recover liquids or convert gas to liquids for sale.

Flexible Financial Structuring

We finance gas flaring solutions and provide flexible commercial arrangements. We offer long-term capital, with the optimal financing structure, on or off balance sheet. 

Our commercial structuring is flexible and innovative, with multiple options available. 

We offer a number of financing options for gas flaring solutions

Joint venture. Both entities invest and share in the returns.

Net profit interest. Capterio receives higher share of revenue until payback, and lower share thereafter.

Accelerated payout. Capterio receives accelerated returns, then hands over to the asset owner.

Processing fee. The asset owner pays Capterio a processing and capacity fee.

opportunity Identification

FlareIntel, our real-time global flare monitoring tool, reveals significant opportunities in countries that have large and continuous flares. In particular, Europe’s proximal hydrocarbon suppliers have both high flare rates and high total flare volumes. These present the biggest opportunities to improve revenue by monetising flaring, while decreasing the carbon intensity of their oil and gas industries. Our key markets in the MENA region include principally Algeria, Egypt, Iraq and Libya.

By clustering flares across operators, and taking a creative approach to commercial structuring, we can realise as yet unidentified opportunities. Although Canada has relatively low flaring due in part to effective policy and regulation, we can design solutions to unlock value from the many small flares. The United States also has a very large number of small and medium flares that can be aggregated and profitably monetised with Capterio’s modular solutions.

World map of countries with addressable gas flaring
Countries where greatest commercial opportunities are identified by Capterio today

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