President Biden supports Capterio’s initiatives on flare, vent and leak reduction in Egypt

Delighted to see that Biden supports Capterio’s initiatives on emissions reduction. In his speech on Friday 11, he said:

And I’m pleased to announce today, alongside the European Union and Germany, a $500 million package to finance and facilitate Egypt’s transition to clean energy. This package will enable Egypt to deploy 10 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030, while bringing offline 5 gigawatts of inefficient gas-powered facilities, reducing emissions in Egypt and power sector by 10 percent. We will also work with Egypt to capture nearly 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which Egypt currently flares, vents, or leaks from its oil and gas operations“. To read more about this deal, and its importance, see this article in Al Monitor.

This is a direct result of our work with colleagues in the EU and US State Department, and is influence by our paper “Leadership on flaring in Egypt: Recent successes and future opportunities in the lead-up to COP27“.

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