November 8th: gas flaring news

It’s another big week on climate activities. Here is our weekly summary. If you are at COP26 this week please let us know by emailing and we will invite you to our event on Wednesday 10th at 0900!

Capterio news

  • Sky News had an excellent article and video on flaring in Russia, the world #1, featuring Capterio’s FlareIntel tool
  • Capterio featured in an article on how the oil and gas industry must grip flaring, venting and leaking to remain relevant in the Houston Chronicle by Oliver Wyman 
  • We published an article on the “code red” countries for gas flaring. This piece outlines some practical sets we can take to reduce flaring.

Industry news

  • The most significant news is probably the US/EU global methane pledge (100+ countries targetting a 30% methane reduction), but the absense of Russia, Iran and Algeria is concerning from a flaring point of view.
  • We also have some concern about the flurry of “no more international financing of oil and gas projects” as per the 20 nations, and the EIB and other development banks, but hope that flare capture projects – which are some of the best projects on a dollar spent per tonne CO2e abated – can still happen.