November 22: gas flaring news

Capterio news

  • Capterio is delighed to be on a panel on Thursday this week discussing how the oil and gas industry can reduce its emissions footprint from oil and gas operations. We will be talking about how Capterio can help operators to better manage their operations using data from FlareIntel Pro. You can sign up to the event for free at this link.
  • We have seen a surge of interest in our real-time tracking tool FlareIntel Pro. We track every flare for every asset, every company in every country and provide leading intelligence to help operators to reduce their emissions and deliver on their net zero / ESG commitments. Please contact for more information or see our website.

Industry news

  • Good to see a significant reduction in gas flaring from the US’ Bakken shale area as reported by SP Global. A close reading of the article suggests that this is due mostly by a reduction in production, coupled by operational improvements and the building of new gas export pipelines from the region.
  • Bloomberg has an excellent piece on flaring associated with MDC Energy in the US. MDC Energy LLC, a company with record flaring, had failed to meet the operational and disclosure requirements and filed for bankruptcy in November 2019.
  • Good news that the US infrastructure bill has passed Congress and is now on the desk of President Biden. The bill has a series of measures on air quality. We look forward to seeing this pass into law.
Overview of the session where Capterio is presenting FlareIntel as a tool to reduce emissions from drilling.