Join Capterio at Climate Week, next week, in New York!

As the world casts its eyes on the pivotal UN General Assembly, another monumental event unfolds in parallel: Climate Week. This event stands as one of the last global rendezvous before the much-anticipated COP28 in the UAE.

It’s more than just a gathering—it’s a golden opportunity to fortify bonds, discover new avenues, and commit to meaningful solutions. Solutions that don’t just scratch the surface, but tackle pressing issues such as gas flaring and methane leakage. Addressing these can not only rapidly reduce emissions but also pave the way for generating value and accelerate our journey towards a sustainable energy future.

The dedicated team at Capterio will be in New York from Sunday, 18th September. We’ve curated a comprehensive agenda, encompassing engagements with our esteemed clients, potential partners, future collaborators, investors, and visionary backers.

Should you wish to be a part of our mission and join hands for a better tomorrow, don’t hesitate. Reach out and request a meeting by dropping us an email at

The future awaits, and we’re eager to share it with you.