Flaring news roundup: 9 July 2021

Here are a few of the most exciting bits of flaring news this week:

  • Keen interest from a significant number of our clients around our article on Algeria’s gas flaring and the impact of upcoming carbon border prices in the EU. The good news here is that there are many technically- and commercially-viable projects – and we have been working on many.

  • bp’s annual Statistical Review of World Energy is out, with some dramatic headlines: world energy demand is estimated to have fallen by 4 5% and global carbon emissions from ‎energy use by 6 3%. ‎ This level of annual emissions reductions is what we require to get to net zero – but at less societal cost (bp estimates the cost is $1400 per tonne of CO2!)

  • Interesting article by bp’s Gordon Birrel on their plans to reduce methane slip from gas flaring, helped by new technologies. Great to see that bp will install methane measurement on all major oil and gas processing facilities by 2023. We think we’ve had a role to play in this positive development (see article).

  • Good to see the World Bank creating an interesting, consumer-focusse, index that tracks the embedded emissions from flaring from imported oil (see article). This analysis highlights that consumers – and their governments – have a role to play to “exert influence” on their suppliers (or switch) to ensure that their imported products are as low carbon as possible.