Capterio presents ideas to improve energy security at Algeria’s premier gas conference

It was an honour for Capterio to be invited to present at a prestigious conference organised by the Algerian Gas Industry Association (AIG) and the Gas Exporting Countries’ Forum (GECF) in Oran, Algeria last week. We were particularly delighted not only to have received our invitation at the request of senior executives at Sonatrach and also to be on the same panel as leading scientists from the Algerian Space Agency (ASA). We are also inspired to continue this scientific and commercial collaboration with ASA and Sonatrach.

Thank you to the Algerian Space Agency, the AIG, GECF and Sonatrach and the conference organisers for making the event and discussion such a success.

Below is a short summary of our presentation. The slides are available on request.

The topic of gas flaring reduction is a critical global priority. Algeria can help to make a material difference – whilst also bringing additional volumes of gas to the market.

In the photo above are Sonatrach’s distinguished scientist El Mehdi Habib, Sonatrach’s Transformation Direct Fethi Arabi, Fatima Benhalouche and Karoui Moussa Sofiane from the Algerian Space Agency and Mark Davis and Akli Brihi from Capterio.

There is an urgent opportunity for Algeria – and neighbouring countries – to capture flared, vented and leaked gas:

The opportunity is large in terms of volume, revenue opportunity and emissions reduction. Mark and his colleagues from the Algerian Space Agency discussed the different results/methodologies to estimate flaring by satellite – and although the numbers differ by a factor of ~2, all agreed that they are nevertheless still large – meaning that there is a significant opportunity.

… and by reducing flaring, venting and leaking, Algeria could bring much-needed gas to domestic and international markets, boosting national (and European) energy security.

Algeria’s oil and gas industry already has many “firsts” … and gas flaring has this iconic potential too:

New data helps to pinpoint opportunities for investment/operational improvement. FlareIntel Free provides a good overview, and FlareIntel Pro provides incredibly rich data (on a daily basis), combined with meta data (field names, operators, equity partners, pipelines, power lines & power stations and more).

Capterio has already identified a suite of attractive investments which deliver strong returns, bring new gas to the market, and reduce CO2-e emissions:

… and with so many groups committed to the opportunity, there is no time to lose!

If you want to hear more about our work on gas flaring reduction (see slide below), please reach out to