Capterio offers solutions to UAE to reduce flaring as highlighted in Guardian article

Capterio is a leading gas flaring solutions company which brings solutions to companies and governments worldwide to help to reduce emissions from flaring, venting and leaking. In doing so, Capterio helps companies and governments to improve energy security, create jobs, generate revenues and reduce emissions.

According to the Guardian article published today (see also Linked In piece and coverage in DeSmog), despite major progress since the 1970s to reduce gas flaring (from 15 BCM to 1 BCM today), routine flaring is – according to this article – still commonplace, and in strict contravention to stated policies. Encouragingly, though, many solutions are viable, see our paper “Celebrating successful flare capture projects” from April 2021, or our paper celebrating Egypt’s successes “Leadership on flaring in Egypt” from September 2022.

Below are some examples of routine flaring as identified from FlareIntel Pro. Each of these could be mitigated through (a) improved operational performance, (b) installation of gas to pipeline, or (c) gas to power projects. These routine flares are from unidentified locations in the Middle East / North Africa region, from Capterio’s proprietary gas flaring tool FlareIntel Pro. Please reach out to for more information about Capterio’s flaring data and solutions.