Capterio launches free and open-access flare tracker tool, FlareIntel

Today, Capterio launched FlareIntel.

FlareIntel is a free satellite-aided gas flare tracker for the oil & gas sector. FlareIntel enables anyone to track every flare, at every facility, globally. After all, routine flaring needs to end if we want to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. We could prevent 1.2 billion CO2-equivalent tonnes being emitted into the atmosphere each year if we stopped flaring.

With improved transparency and better data we can track flares globally, allowing us to capture them, create a profit and most importantly reduce emissions.

We are grateful to the Earth Observation Group at Colorado School of Mines for their development of the Nightfire algorithm which underpins this work.

Capterio’s FlareIntel has been profiled by Platts, Energy Voice, Environmental News Bits, Air Quality News, Offshore Magazine, Environment Journal and Global Rubber Markets.