Capterio engages OPEC and members in opportunities to monetise flared gas

Today Capterio’s CEO Mark Davis had the honour of presenting at an OPEC event in Vienna titled “Innovative technologies to mitigate emissions in the oil and gas sector”.

Mark outlined the attractive commercial opportunities for monetisation that appear when new independent datasets (such as those provided by FlareIntel) are coupled with creative minds that are focussed on bridging conventional organisation and/or contractual boundaries. Given OPEC’s critical role in the oil (and gas) markets, it was a fantastic opportunity to connect, engage and be inspired.

Whilst some might have cause to be cynical of OPEC’s intentions, I left with a firm belief that the OPEC secretariat is fully committed to the energy transition and to making a success of their own net zero intentions. Hopefully, the secretariat will also be able to influence its members to act with the same energy and commitment that it demonstrated here today.