Capterio delivers key presentation at UK-Algeria Energy Transition conference

Capterio’s CEO, Mark Davis, gave a key presentation as part of a conference focussed on the Energy Transition as part of an event hosted by the Algerian and British governments. His speech was complemented by a keynote from Jeremy Oppenheim (Founding Partner of SYSTEMIQ and Programme Director of the Energy Transitions Commission).

In his presentation, Mark outlines the opportunity for Algeria to play a critical leadership role in the Energy Transition – using its high-quality hydrocarbon asset base to become a world-class regional leader in renewable fuels. Algeria is particularly well-endowed with large sunny expanses, and particularly in the south, significant wind resources – meaning there is a major opportunity to create solar- and wind-based energy. There is not only the opportunity to materially decarbonise domestic energy, but also to export energy – either as power, or via a carrier such as ammonia, hydrogen or others. Click to see Jeremy Oppenheim’s keynote speech at the event on the energy transition.

In the shorter term, as Mark outlines, there is a tremendous opportunity to decarbonise – and create value from – gas flaring. Today, Algeria flares 9 BCM of gas per year. By capturing this flared gas, Algeria could increase revenues by $2000 per minute, reduce emissions by 75 million CO2-equivalent tonnes per year, and play a leading role in the energy transition. With COP26 coming up soon, there is all to play for.

Click to watch Mark’s video. Thanks to the organisers DMA and the Algerian and British governments for organising this event, and to the distinguished speakers including both Ambassadors, and leaders from Sonatrach and Sonelgaz and others.

As always, feedback is welcome. Please email Mark here.