Capterio co-authors paper on solving flaring for “non-operated” assets

The oil and gas industry operates – almost universally – in a series of partnerships. This helps to diversify risk, share knowledge and capabilities, and more. But one consequence is that many companies “outsource” the operations of assets in which they have an equity share in to others. These are so-called “non-operated” assets, sometimes called NOJVs (“non-operated joint ventures”).

The challenge is that non-operated assets can often have very large emissions from flaring, venting and leaking. But because the “convention” is that companies only report flaring for operated assets, these emissions often go unreported. This was a finding of the BBC’s film “Under Poisened Skies“.

We also explore this issue extensively in this paper co-authored with EDF (as the principal authors) “Joint Action: Catalyzing Methane Emission Reduction at Oil and Gas Joint Ventures”. Click here to download the paper. Thanks especially to Andrew Baxter and Felicia Douglas from EDF for the collaboration.

You might also be interested to read our paper “Why we need clearer ESG metrics around gas flaring” from June 2021.