25th October: weekly flaring news round up

Here’s a round of some of the most significant news around gas flaring last week.

FlareIntel / Capterio

  • Capterio’s CEO, Mark Davis, was featured in the front-page article of the Washington PCapterio’s CEO, Mark Davis, features in an article published today in the Washington Post called “Russia allows methane leaks at planet’s peril“. The article highlights not only the very high levels of methane emissions from the oil and gas industry (in the form of “venting” and “leaking”), but also the very high levels of gas flaring. See this link for a summary of the piece on flaring.
  • Have you signed up to FlareIntel, our free tracking tool yet? This week we reached a key milestone of 1000 users! We built this tool to (a) increase awareness of gas flaring, (b) increase accountability, and (c) encourage / facilitate investment.


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