Capterio presents “The Good Fight Against GHG Emissions”, at Energy Conference hosted by EPRG and CEEPR

Gas has a key role in the transition, but we must address emissions:

  • Gas is widely seen as a transition fuel to help to drive decarbonisation

  • Most players expect gas consumption to increase significantly

  • But there is lot of waste, and a large economic and environmental impact

The GHG problem is fixable … with today’s technologies

  • Flaring and methane emissions are becoming increasingly transparent

  • Existing proven technologies can deliver at no net cost

  • Certification technologies are already driving change

The business as usual approach isn’t working; real change will need: New incentives, New operating models, New technologies


About the authors: Capterio is a global enterprise that brings together flexible financing, innovative technology solutions and deep expertise to monetise wasted gas.  We work with pioneering players in the oil and gas industry and its supply chain and invest to deploy and deliver material reductions in the flaring, venting and leaking of natural gas.  For more information please see Follow us on Linkedin