Capterio delivers keynote presentation at Finding Petroleum Forum on monetising flared, leaked and vented gas

Mark Davis gave the second keynote speech at the Finding Petroleum forum on ‘Quantifying methane leaks and flares from gas wells and facilities’. Aside from a lack of issue awareness, Mark described several other systemic barriers to addressing fugitive emissions throughout the oil and gas supply chain. For example a lack of funding to build infrastructure to take gas to a market, or an acknowledgement from operators that fugitive emissions are a problem, but an inability to focus on small one-off abatement projects compared to other competing priorities.

Finding Petroleum’s forum on Nov 7, 2018, looked at better ways to deal with methane emissions and flaring in oil and gas operations – and how the main step is to understand them better and commercialise them. Sonna Sathiamoorthy, the Group GHG and Energy Efficiency Expert at BP, also presented a keynote speech on behalf of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI). In September 2018, OGCI published a “methane intensity” target of 0.25 percent as an aggregated target for all its member companies.

Finding Petroleum runs events throughout the year that provide an impartial platform for Oil & Gas professionals to gather, exchange ideas and discuss subjects that are relevant to the many challenges that are faced throughout an industry which is always innovating to meet changing global needs.