Flare capture offers easy wins – Petroleum Economist article

Today, the Petroleum Economist published an opinion piece co-authored by Professor Morgan Bazilian (Director, Payne Institute). The article (click to download) discusses how reducing gas flaring can both accelerate progress to net-zero and offer a swift boost to industry credibility.

Increasing commitments to a ‘net-zero’ society – be it by 2050, 2060 or a sooner or later date – pose both a generational challenge and an existential threat to oil and gas producers. There will be no more ‘business as usual’, but firms must also deliver more in environmental terms while grappling with reductions in their size and access to capital.

Countries such as Norway and Saudi Arabia, which combine effective regulation and stringent enforcement, set a precedent for what is possible. Flare capture projects can reduce emissions, create value and accelerate the energy transition. There is a limited window of opportunity to make these ESG-compliant projects happen, and now is the time to act.

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