Capterio outlines innovation approach in leading industry journal

We were delighted to be featured this month in the Global Voice of Gas, the quarterly journal of the International Gas Union. Our article (which is available on the IGU site here) outlines our journey and our approach to innovation of both business model and technology deployment.

The Capterio business model is based around 2 core ideas:

  • 1.0: Bringing together assets, technologies and financing to deliver on-the-ground solutions to capture flares gas, create value, reduce emissions, and accelerate the energy transition.
  • 2.0: Helping companies, governments, regulators and financing groups to track flaring, prioritise roadmaps and build investment cases.

The article discusses our journey – from idea to implementation. We are grateful to our financial backers, clients, partners and more. Get in touch to join us to accelerate flare reduction – and create value, reduce emissions and accelerate the energy transition!

Above: first 2 pages of the article published by the International Gas Union