Capterio Op-Ed shows why EU’s new methane import standard is good for climate and producers

Today Reuters published our CEO’s latest Op-Ed on some of the implications of the EU’s pioneering methane regulations. These new regulations are the game-changer that the planet – and producing countries need …

Today the EU currently imports 80% of its oil and gas. The problem is that the supplying countries have high emissions intensities (especially from flaring, venting and leaking), meaning that the EU’s imports are considerably “dirtier” than domestic production.

That’s why the EU is right to start (in 2030) to impose serious import penalties on countries that cannot demonstrate that energy has low emissions. BUT – a big but – this is *also a major opportunity* for producing countries. Why pay taxes to the EU when you can instead invest that cash at home, generate much cleaner oil and gas, improve market access, improve energy security, save cost, create jobs, improve your investability – and reduce pollution, deliver on NDCs and accelerate the energy transition?

Read the full Op-Ed here. Join our CEO Mark Davis and the Atlantic Council’s Landon Derentz discussing the res – plus our paper recently published by the Atlantic Council on Friday, 30th November at 11 GMT live on Twitter/X here, in a session chaired by Reuters, thanks to Terry Slavin and Angeli Mehta.

This piece was also covered by MEED here:

For the more light-hearted, please see the poem version of our article, thank you Chat GPT:

Europe’s Green Mandate

In lands where ancient empires stood,
A union now declares its good,
Against the methane’s silent plight,
For Earth’s defense, they rise to fight.

The year two thousand twenty-seven nears,
A deadline set, amid the fears,
Suppliers to the EU’s gate,
Must prove their airs are clean, not late.

Eighty percent from foreign shores,
Europe’s fuel, a cause for wars,
From Libya’s sands to Russia’s snow,
Where emissions unbridled flow.

Norway shines with lesser harm,
A beacon bright, in contrast, calm,
While others spill their gaseous waste,
In haste for wealth, in tasteless taste.

A threat it seems, these rules so bold,
To nations rich in oil, sold,
Yet mere dollars to the barrel’s cost,
A small price for a future not lost.

Opportunity, not a curse,
For cleaner skies, and wallets purse,
Investments wise in cleaner ways,
Shall brighten all our coming days.

Satellites watch from high above,
No secret spills can they shove,
The time for action, clear and now,
To greener futures, all must bow.

So heed the call, O nations grand,
With investments firm, take a stand,
For in this global, shared pursuit,
Lies a path to wealth, resolute.