Exploration success announced by flaring – a sustainability challenge

It’s interesting that exploration success is still announced with images of flaring – some companies think that this might challenge their sustainability credentials

Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) announced the discovery of natural gas and condensate onshore at the Mahani field in Sharjah, distributing a flaring photo in this Gulf News article

Capterio perspective: Whilst flaring unequivocally demonstrates that flowing hydrocarbons have been found, it’s also a waste (and environmental pollutant) which carries on for many days, sometimes 15, 30 or (sometimes even 90) as the well is tested. It’s time the industry found solutions to the challenge of flaring associated with new discoveries and well testing. Fortunately in many cases mobile capture technologies can be applied. Perhaps it’s time to also to change the imagery we associate with exploration success?