FlareIntel Pro

FlareIntel Pro is designed for anyone who wants to really get under the skin of flaring. It provides real-time insights, including daily data on every gas flare for, bespoke and customisable dashboards, and access to our team of leading experts.

Daily data on gas flares

FlareIntel Pro’s daily data provides an insight into flaring in real-time, with a bespoke and customisable interface and access to our team of leading experts. Our network partners includes producers, regulators, investors, ratings agencies, lenders, consumers and governments. 

FlareIntel Pro features

  • Third-party review of flaring for operated assets 
  • Detailed insight into flaring for non-operated assets 
  • Real-time insight into asset operation performance, flagging issues such as changing reservoir or surface performance (e.g. equipment failures)
  • Benchmarking of asset flare intensity in upstream, asset downtime in downstream 
  • Calculate CO2 (and potentially methane) emissions and verify improvements
  • Identify investment opportunities 
  • Forecast emissions

FlareIntel Pro use cases

  • Asset, country or regional leads: monitor day-to-day performance 
  • Non-operated venture leads: influence operating partners 
  • Operational excellence leads: ensure best practices in operations and turnarounds 
  • Carbon/Sustainability managers: assess greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Exploration and competitive intelligence: track exploration and new activities 
  • Traders: identify potential opportunities to optimise portfolios  
  • Regulators and governments: monitor asset performance and permit breaches and manage penalties

Chat to our expert team

With FlareIntel Pro, you are always able to chat to our expert team. You can also book an online meeting with Capterio’s CEO, Dr Mark Davis by clicking here

Unprecedented insight

We integrate key data including field boundaries, pipelines, and facilities in a compelling basemap. Every field is tagged with its name, operator and non-operated equity partners. FlareIntel Pro is customisable on request and our bespoke dashboards can be tailored. This means you get the data you want, in the way you like it, securely on a phone, tablet or PC. 

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FlareIntel Pro is fully customisable to give you the data you want, in the way you like it