Track every gas flare

Developed by Capterio, FlareIntel tracks every gas flare for every asset, for every company, in every country - every day. Our advanced analytics support our subscription services, our consulting and our work on capture projects.

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FlareIntel Pro is designed for those who want to really get under the skin of gas flaring. Tailored and customised to your individual preference, FlareIntel Pro is the market leader in delivering real-time flaring insights.


Annual gas flare data for every facility
Overview of every flare in every country since 2012
Discover operators, field names and proximity to infrastructure
Estimate economic loss and environmental impact of flares
Historical data of country flaring trends
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Daily gas flare data at chosen facilities
Automatic real-time alerts for significant flaring activity
Advanced analytics on customised dashboards
Contextual data of all fields, pipelines, and license boundaries
Live support from our team of experts

Bringing transparency to gas flaring

At FlareIntel, we use transparent, credible and independent third-party satellite data to track gas flares worldwide.   

We estimate gas flaring from the thermal anomalies associated with gas combustion. Our tool allows users to track and compare individual flares, across facilities, companies, and countries.  

FlareIntel provides clarity around data related to the volume of every gas flare, its associated revenue potential if captured, and its CO2-equivalent emissions.   

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